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I've been with Denise at Advanced Image Concepts for at least 14 years because she is the best designer I know! My hair is very thick and she is the only stylist I have trusted to know how to cut and thin it so I look my very best.

It's a treat just to walk into the Salon as it's so very thoughtfully designed. AIC makes you feel special... like you're a star for a day. All the Stylists are well trained and do hair beautifully! I recommend this Salon!
~~Carol H. (10/6/15)

Denise is not just my stylist. She has become my friend. I always love my monthly visit and pampering with Denise and the Stylists. They are all knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and professional. I also love the décor at AIC Salon! I recommend them all the time!
~~Monica M (12/21/15)

The beauty treatment I received at AIC Salon was excellent and I felt like I was treated like a salon celeb. I also appreciated the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere there. I always recommend this Salon to everybody I know.
~~Laurie S (12/9/15)

My satisfaction level with AIC is excellent. I look like a celebrity after my cut and now I feel like a celeb too! AIC's the best!
~~Ann W (1/2/16)

The staff at AIC Salon is very knowledgeable and thoughtful. Their hairstylists have great artistic flair and their approach is very direct and personal, which is so appreciated when it's your head of hair they're working on. I recommend them to people I know because they are that good!
~~Michael H (1/4/16)

The team at AIC Salon is always very accommodating and helpful. What I really appreciate about being there is the relaxed atmosphere and knowing I'm in good hands with my stylist. My hair can be awkward and Cinda does it perfectly every time!
~~Kathy S (1/6/16)

I love the salon and the stylists there are fabulous. I loved my hair the first time Jacquelyn did it and she is great with hospitality and making me feel welcome. I finally found where I belong for my hair needs and it's AIC Salon!
~~Krazy K (1/12/16)

My hairstylist is awesome. She made me feel so relaxed while treating me like a Salon Celeb. I recommend AIC Salon to people I know because they do their jobs so well.
~~Gerry S (1/17/16)

Everyone is so nice and they treat me like a salon celeb. I'm always relaxed there and I feel like I am being pampered when I'm getting my hair done. I always leave happy and look forward to coming back.
~~Jan M (1/18/16)

I am so satisfied with the beauty treatments I receive at AIC Salon! My stylist makes me feel like a Salon Celeb because she really listens to me and wants my input. I would recommend AIC Salon to anybody.
~~Holly C (1/20/16)

AIC Salon is so immaculate as it enters you into a world of film stars of yesteryear. The fireplace and assorted beverages enhance the ambiance. The beauty treatments I receive at the Salon leave me feeling pampered and special, and I never want to leave!
~~Linda S (1/21/16)

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