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At Advanced Image Concepts Salon, we make it our mission to cater to the "natural you," which means we treat your hair with only healthy, non-paraben, sulfate free hair care products so you can look and feel your best! During your custom consultation, your expert, friendly personal stylist assesses your unique needs and distinct personality to capture your signature expression. This culminates in creating your new personalized image!

Enjoy products provide gentle cleansing, along with moisturizing and smoothness, while relieving stressed out hair and scalp. Our advanced luxury shampoo and conditioner system is designed to strengthen, thicken and hydrate all hair types.

Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner provides luxurious, 24-hour hair shine and volume that lasts. Their shine-enhancing shampoo is specially formulated to remove dirt and styling residue that can make hair look dull. Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner enhances hair's natural light reflectiveness and enhances thickness. Also makes hair cuticles smooth and aligns hair fibers for amazing shine.

The hydrate shampoo and conditioner provides gentle cleansing and moisturizing while relieving stressed out hair and scalp. This hydrating shampoo and conditioner softens and adds shine while also fighting split ends. Take advantage of the luxurious, 24-hour hair shine and volume that lasts. This product offers a color safe formula for all hair types, the anti-fade system offers long-lasting color purity with protective formulas that help preserve and maintain color brilliance.

Sexy Hair
At Sexy Hair, we are committed to creating products to achieve a wide range of styles from Red Carpet glamour or Rock Star style. The brand is split distinctively into 8 ranges, specifically formulated to suit and enhance different hair types.

Need a volume boost? Try the Big Sexy Hair collection to add body, lift and volume to even the flattest of hair. Smooth away frizz with the Silky Sexy Hair range, glamorously packaged in purple. Our products give you the silky soft hair you've been dreaming of.

Paula Kent and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding (thus the name "REDKEN") began with three products and an intensive education program for hairdressers about the chemistry of hair and skin. The formulas were developed based on three principles:
  1. Protein technology (since hair is composed primarily of protein)
  2. An acidic pH of 4.5-5.5, complementing the natural pH of the hair and skin
  3. Products recommended exclusively by licensed cosmetologists in professional salons
Redken balances its solid past of science with inspiration from the industry's best educators and a street sense of fashion that keeps Redken on the cutting edge.

Redken provides simple solutions to specific needs by carrying highly specialized ingredients to the hair. These ingredients help transform the hair's inner structure while dramatically improving its outer appearance.

Eufora products are known for quality ingredients, but almost as impressive are the ingredients missing from Eufora products. We don't use synthetic fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic ingredients in any of our products.

Eufora uses certified organic Aloe Vera gel as our product base. Known as the miracle plant, aloe is rich in over 200 biologically active substances, including 75 nutrients, 20 minerals and 12 vitamins. Aloe contains elements that are essential to cellular healing, renewal and growth. Eufora has used its unique blend of botanical extracts and Aloe Vera properties to design the most natural way to keep your hair looking beautiful.

Eufora's advanced technology utilizes important botanical extracts that have been scientifically proven to benefit the hair, scalp and skin. We never use fluff ingredients that sound good on the label, but don't provide real benefits. We feel it's our responsibility to create products with unparalleled performance that respect the environment and your health.

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